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杨征宇(199064日),新加坡独立创作歌手。曾在第20届“飞乐时空” 音乐创作比赛中荣获冠军2016年之后全心投入音乐。征宇在SpotifyKKBox 上分享他的原创和翻唱作品,目前每个月有超过12万人收听,歌曲的播放次数更是超过了300万。 他在中国著名视频网站BilibiliQQ音乐拥有超过2万粉丝和800万播放次数。他翻唱的《说好不哭》甚至被周杰伦在 Instagram Stories转发过。



Isaac Yong, a Singapore singer-songwriter, has received recognition through various competitions, most notably as the Champion of the Music Xpress Songwriting Competition in 2015. Isaac has written and performed originals, as well as covers, through live performances and online platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and KKBox, and has garnered over 100k monthly listeners and over 3 million streams since then. He also has presence in China with over 20k fans and 8 million streams on popular video website Bilibili and music streaming service QQ Music. His cover of “Won’t Cry” has also been shared by Jay Chou on his Instagram Stories.

Isaac has released his first single “Late Night” on September last year.